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Inspiration 7 is a network that inspires people to be far better version of themselves in order to produce far greater results in life.

We're very passionate about awakening you to build great attitudes that generate sustainable effects in at least three main areas: remarkable wealth, robust health, and lifelong fulfillment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share deep, practical, how-to-do knowledge that will make people see things in a new way, align their thought patterns with God’s, and draw strength to scale new and greater heights in life, business and career.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire individuals and groups to build great and sustainable attitudes that produce mega wealth, robust health, and lasting fulfillment. .


Our Areas of Focus

Inspiration 7 is a new reality, and the world is getting better because we’ve taken our rightful place in inspiring people to join hands to shape it. We focus on the total man for all-round progress & publish what will stir people up to be a far better version of themselves spiritually and mentally so as to be able to produce far greater material results in their business, career, health, and finances.

Business Strategy

Course of action or set of decisions which assists the entrepreneurs in achieving specific business objectives.

Life Coaching

Supporting learners to to think more effectively and efficiently, make decisions, determine goals and accomplish them.

Leadership Development

Activities that enhances the capability of an individual to assume leadership roles and responsibilities. . .

Financial Education

The ability to convert cash or labour into assets that provide cash flow. Its components include business skills, money skills and investment skills. s.

Personal Growth

Activities that improve awareness and identity, develop potentials and contribute to the realization of dreams/aspirations.

Spiritual Development

This refers to the development of the personality towards a religious or spiritual desired better personality..

Business Breakthroughs

The development of programs powered by various effective techniques to help you achieve compelling results.

Leadership Devt./Mentoring

We share with you all it takes to constantly increase your capacity to influence followership and grow from ordinary to extraordinary leaders.

Strategic Management

Formulatibg and implementating major goals and initiatives taken by an organization on clients' behalf.

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We have in stock several eBooks that are designed to help you develop creative and technical skills and also put you in the path of great spiritual awareness, growth, and fulfillment. The BIG question though is: What would you like to read?

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Our Creative Team

Our creative team is made up of experts from varying fields of endeavours. Team Inspiration, as we call the team members, is made up of hearts ignited by passion, loaded with creativity, and driven by innovation. We have been divinely brought together to help you reach your highest potentials. This is our operative Mandate.

Imeh David
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Inspirational Author, Speaker, Blogger and Founder of Inspiration 7 - an inspiration-sharing service that focuses on total success.

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Imeh David

Visioner and Dream Bearer

Communication Strategist, Advertising Specialist, Multimedia Specialist, Web Designer, Expert Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer.

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Annie Ntia

CEO | Chief Technical Officer

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Nsikak Akpabio

Content Marketing

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Joseph Okon

System Analyst

team member
Emmanuel Anu

Social Media Strategist

team member
Church Michael

Creative Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

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Inspiration 7 is an inspiration-sharing service on total success. Success in one or a few areas of life makes one unbalanced and very often, unfulfilled. This emphasis on how individuals can make progressive realization of their God-guided, worthwhile goals, in all the vital areas of their life is what makes us very different from the rest.

Our mission is to share deep, practical, how-to-do knowledge that will make people see things in a new way, align their thought patterns with God’s, and draw strength to scale new and greater heights in life, business and career..

Specifically, we are fulfilling our mision through our various platforms: imehdavid.net (our website), imehdavid.com (our blog), life coaching, and our several books (eBooks and print copies) on personal development, spiritual development, business breakthroughs, leadership, and so on. We are driven by the passion to be a huge gain to humanity by seeking the profit of many on planet earth.

We are experts in various fields – business administration, digital technology, communications, management, life coaching, and more. We are creatively innovative and innovatively creative. We’ve been divinely brought together to help you reach your highest potentials, in accordance with our operative Mandate, which is to inspire you and others to rise like strong nations in your business and career pursuits, and provide landmark solutions that make humanity live better..

We will offer you products and services that will exceed your expectations. For the price you pay, which we deliberately keep low, we’ll ensure that you get value that is not only far above the price but also lasting. Our main concern is the questions you want us to answer, the solutions you want us to provide, and the needs you desire that we help you meet them. We are committed to providing solutions that has exponential value.

We will passionately and dedicatedly share with you a fountain of well-researched, sound, tested, and practical knowledge (through our eBooks and blog) that will inspire and empower you to:

  1. See yourself and your abilities how God sees them.
  2. Change every limiting belief about yourself and your potentials.
  3. Consistently go in the direction of goal-oriented behaviour.
  4. Change your physical realities/results from average to outstanding.
  5. Gain financial literacy and greatly improve your finances.
  6. Regularly record business/career breakthroughs.
  7. Greatly improve your relationships with people.
  8. Habitually enjoy peace of mind and sense of fulfillment.
In the end, you’ll arise as a dominant solution force in the world, gaining momentum, increasing relevance, and sustaining impact.

Latest Blog Post

The message on these blogs is simple: you have the power to change your life and your results. If you’re desperate enough to shatter self-limitation and create the powerful change that will affect all your results, then come along with us.

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How to Take Your Important Place in a Challenging World

By Imeh David May 31, 2020

There’s a place for everyone in the world. It’s not just a common place, but a significant one for each of us whom God created. Some know how to identify...

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Where is the Best Place to Keep Your Problems?

By Imeh David May 25, 2020

Let me begin with a brilliant thought from Byron Pulsifer, a motivational speaker and seminar leader. He says that problems and challenges will arise no matter who you are...

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Reasons or Results: Which Do You Want?

By Imeh David May 18, 2020

The events in the last few months in the world have caused anxiety, worry, pains, and heartbreaks. People have lost their jobs, some have lost their loved ones to...

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How Great Wealth Follows After World Pandemics

By Imeh David May 10, 2020

Does it sound strange to say that there is massive wealth in the post-COVID-19 economy? It shouldn’t be surprising at all. Do you know that the 1918...

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Is God Interested in the Coronavirus?

By Imeh David May 03, 2020

The question on many lips in this COVID-19 scenario has been whether God is concerned at all about the coronavirus. Many are thinking whether the God that...

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How to Make the Lockdown Temporary Pain that Results in Ultimate Gain

By Imeh David April 27, 2020

For months, many countries all over the world have been under lockdown, to slow down the spread of COVID-19...

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